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castles & gardens to visit discover, explore and admire the Côtes d'Armor

  • hydrangea and typical brittany flowers

    Hydrangea from Brittany

  • La Roche Jagu castle and gardens and organic restaurant

    Château de la Roche Jagu in Ploëzal : castle, gardens and organic restaurant.

  • beauport abbey

    Beauport Abbey and gardens

  • entrance to the abbey and gardens of beauport

    Entrance to the abbey and gardens in Beauport

  • beautiful walks ans fun for all the family

    Beauport Abbey near Paimpol

  • landscaped garden near our cottages

    JGrand Launay garden in Lanrivain, Côtes d'Armor

  • butterfly in Brittany garden

    Visit the numerous landscaped gardens in Bretagne

Le domaine de la Roche Jagu

Ploëzal. Castle, park and gardens for all the family or for a romantic stroll. Delicious organic restaurant nestled behind the entrance walls.

L'abbaye de Beauport

Paimpol. Abbey and gardens, orchard and coastal walk. Ideal place for a picnic, a long walk through the reeds.

Les Jardins de Kerfouler

Plouëc-du-Trieux. Classed as a remarkable garden, Kerfouler has in fact 14 different sytles e.g.: modern, artistic, classic, natural, romantic, exuberant, modest, playful, etc. with a lovely cup of tea or coffee at the end...