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Autumn holidays in Brittany experience a sweet late season at the prairie

7 reasons to come to La Prairie in Brittany, in September or October

Because autumn is the ideal season to enjoy the best that Brittany has to offer., our holiday cottages in Côtes d’Armor offer you an ideal setting to relax and recharge your batteries in order to face the arrival of winter with peace of mind. Discover our 7 arguments to convince you.

1. Indian summer in Brittany

In recent years, due to global warming, we have often enjoyed very pleasant late seasons, sometimes until the beginning of November.

Temperatures may be a little cooler, but that will only make your walks more enjoyable. You will be accompanied by the sun to climb the cliffs of Plouha or walk the along the Palus beach.

And the days are still long enough to enjoy all that the Brittany has to offer before nightfall.

In autumn, the landscape transforms into a spectrum of warm hues, with vibrant reds, golden yellows, and earthy browns. This is an opportunity to rediscover another radiant face of Brittany.

In addition, autumn is also a good time to watch breathtaking sunsets. The clouds are tinted with salmon pink, sometimes very accentuated. And when there is none, the sky adopts a very soft gradient of pink and mauve. You will love these atmospheres conducive to daydreaming.

  • Sunset on a beach in Brittany
  • Port at low tide at sunset in Brittany, France
  • Paddle outing at sunset, Brittany

2. The spectacle of Brittany's storms

Visiting Brittany in autumn presents the advantage of witnessing the dramatic beauty of the coastal landscapes, where the sea takes on a mesmerizing deep blue hue under the autumn sunlight. The coast comes alive with a vibrant palette of fall colors, enhancing the picturesque charm of seaside villages like Binic, Plouha & Paimpol. Additionally, the occasional storms add a thrilling element, creating a dynamic and awe-inspiring spectacle along the rugged shores of this enchanting region.

If you appreciate rough conditions, know that our holiday homes are located near 3 of the best spots in Côtes d'Armor to admire storms:

  • The Port Moguer slipway in Plouha;
  • The seawater swimming pool in Saint-Quay-Portrieux;
  • A little further, the Croix des Veuves in Ploubazlanec, with a breathtaking view of the Bréhat archipelago.
    • Even if the spectacle fascinates you, don't get too close to the shore: the waves can be incredibly powerful.

      • Seawater swimming pool, Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Côtes d'Armor, Brittany
      • Diving board on the beach, Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Brittany

      3. The little joys of autumn in the charming cottages of Into the Prairie

      The little joys of autumn in the charming cottages of Into the Prairie After an iodized walk on the seaside, what better way to recover from your emotions than a nice blaze in the fireplace, accompanied by a hot chocolate? 5 of our 8 charming holiday cottage have a wood stove: Louise, Jeanne, Anne, Isidore & Florence.

      From October to the end of March, we prepare the stove before your arrival and provide you with logs. All you have to do is light a match and let the magic happen!

      • Holiday home for autumn family holidays in Brittany
        Louise's Cottage (2-5 people)
      • Holiday cottage for family holidays in Brittany
        Louise's Cottage (2-5 people)
      • Unusual family holiday home, autumn holidays in Brittany
        Isidore's barn (2-5 people)

      4. The Island of Bréhat

      The Côtes d'Armor in autumn also offers the possibility of visiting popular coastal towns like Paimpol, Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Pontrieux or Binic, like a local.

      September & October on the island of Île de Bréhat brings the advantage of a mild climate, creating a perfect atmosphere for leisurely explorations amidst the charming scenery and coastal wonders.

      5. Seaside walks on the GR34

      In autumn, the coastal paths retain their beauty, thanks to the golden flowering of the gorse. The sky, the sea, the plaintive cry of the gulls… Don't forget your hiking shoes!

      On the GR34, explore the cliffs of Plouha at 104 meters above sea level to discover their rugged beauty. With your hair blowing in the wind, take a breath of fresh air and let yourself be carried away by the magic of one of the most beautiful natural sites in Brittany.

      Discover Gwin Zegal and its boats moored to tree trunks planted in the sand. It continues a tradition that dates back to... the 5th century. To discover it, you must go by foot. You can start from Bonaparte beach. The hiking trail will take you through pleasant undergrowth. I promise, it will be sublime.

      • A walk on the beach at low tide, autumn-winter season in Brittany
      • Gwin Zegal  at high tide, Plouha, Brittany, France
      • Beach of Binic, off-season in Brittany, France

      Another unique landscape is the ‘Sillon de Talbert’, an astonishing 3 km long cord of sand and pebbles which juts out into the sea. This is a a unique geological site in Europe. It is a haven for nesting birds during the breeding season.

      6. Forest walks

      Autumn is also the ideal season for exploring local woodlands.

      Near our holiday cottages, you can rediscover the childish pleasure of crunching dead leaves under your feet in the Avaugour-Bois Meur Departmental Forest. No less than 7 circuits await you, each with its own atmosphere and curiosities. Go in search of the chapel, the old farm, and the hunting lodge.

      The 6 ponds of the forest and its other natural clearings, promise you unusual encounters: deer, foxes and other badgers inhabit these places.

      And if you feel like it, you can pick porcini and sheep trotters mushrooms to garnish a delicious omelette.

    • Forest beside a pond in autumn, Brittany
    • Fern, forest in autumn, Brittany
    • Mushroom in the forest, autumn in Brittany

    7. Relaxing in the Prairie gardens

    Autumn at Into the Prairie invites tranquility as you unwind in the gardens, surrounded by nature's vibrant hues. Delight in the therapeutic experience of picking fresh vegetables from the kitchen garden and glasshouse, adding a touch of seasonal harvest to your relaxing retreat.

    Autumn is the season for pumpkins and other cucurbits. Stock up on vitamins with vegetables freshly picked from the vegetable garden! The bright colors of pumpkins, squash and other butternuts are there to be picked.

    In the Prairie vegetable garden and greenhouse, you will also find salad, cabbage, chard & beets.

    • Little pumpkin in the glasshouse, holiday home, Into the Prairie
    • Gardening in the glasshouse, Into the Prairie, Brittany
    • Verveine dans la serre, Into the Prairie, Bretagne
    • Pumpkin in the glasshouse, Into the Prairie, Brittany

    And as the delicious scallops make their return to fish markets at the beginning of October often at fairly modest prices at the start of the season.

    Thanks to the very mild climate of Plélo, you will still find edible flowers to enhance your recipes with colors and additional nutritional benefits. Try nasturtium to discover its amazing spicy taste. As for the blue stars of borage, their flavor is reminiscent of cucumber.

    And if you are a fan of herbal tea, you will end your feast with hot drinks concocted with fresh herbs: mint basil, lemon verbena, thyme, lemon thyme, rosemary, sage, and fennel, among others.

    Each of our charming cottages has its own private garden. You can relax with a good book in complete peace and quiet in your outdoor space.

    • Romantic country cottage for autumn break in Brittany
      Florence's cottage (2 people)
    • family-friendly holiday cottage in the countryside in Brittany
      Marie's cottage (2-6 people)
    • Holiday rental for family autumn break in Brittany
      Jeanne's cottage (2-4 people)
    • Barn renovated as a family holiday home, Brittany, France
      La grange d'Isidore (2-5 pers.)